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Dr. Drummond attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. from l969 through 1973 and graduated with high honors in the field of Internal Medicine.  His post-graduate training included studies at NIH (National Institute of Health) in Bethesda, Maryland with a fellowship in clinical pathology and in the field of cholesterol and coronary artery disease.

Dr. Drummond came to Dallas and did his internship at St.  Paul Medical Center from July 1, 1973 through June 30, 1974.  He completed his residency from July 1, 1974 through June 30, 1976 and went on to establish his practice, Internal Medicine Associates, at this location in January 1977, in association with Ronald Washington, M.D.

In 1985, a reorganization of Internal Medicine Associates occurred which separated the physicians into two practices, independent of each other.  Dr. Drummond kept this practice location and renamed it Internal Sports and Occupational Medicine.  The practice became incorporated in January 1993, adding Professional Association to its name.  His corporation was hereinafter referred to as ISOM, P.A. until 2003 when the face of his practice evolved into clinical trials and the name officially became Renaissance Clinical Research & Hypertension Clinic (RCRH).

In order to keep current with modern developments in research and treatment, Dr. Drummond maintains at least 24 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME), annually, He received a fellow with the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AADEP) in 1989 for the purpose of rating patients with disabilities according to an accepted standard by the American Medical Society.  In 1994, Dr. Drummond became a Board Certified Forensic Examiner and a Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners.  In addition, Dr. Drummond attends the annual updates in Internal Medicine sponsored by the University of Texas Health Science Center, takes postgraduate courses and attends conferences to keep his skills and knowledge current.  Dr. Drummond is a member of the American Medical Association, the Texas Medical Association, the Dallas County Medical Society, the C.V. Roman Society (instituted for African American physicians), and the Texas Society of Internal Medicine.

Internal Medicine is Dr. Drummond’s primary specialty with an emphasis in hypertension and diabetes.  He believes that there is no greater opportunity, responsibility nor obligation given an individual than that of serving as a physician.  Dr. Drummond believes that it is the physicians responsibility to provide the highest quality of patient care possible, utilizing all resources which are available - technical skills, scientific knowledge and human compassion to obtain the primary objective - determining the prevention and cure of diseases and relieving suffering, whether physical or mental.

Dr. Drummond knows that in order to diagnose the manifestations of illness, he must examine the patient comprehensively for signs of ill health possibly not yet apparent to the patient or of problems, which may lead to ill health.  This requires a very broad orientation, since illness is never limited to one system, or necessarily to a single disease.

The management and cure of individual patients require participation of a variety of trained personnel, which include his medical associates as well as non-medical personnel.  So that his patients benefit through such collaboration, Dr. Drummond guides them through crucial decisions concerning diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally, his relationship and awareness of the techniques, skills and objectives of his colleagues in other fields of medicine is vital in interpreting findings, not as isolated phenomena, but as a total clinical picture, so that the patient benefits from all of the advances of science.

Ultimately, the care of the patient begins with the development of an interpersonal relationship between the patient and his/her physician.  Without trust and confidence, the effectiveness of medical treatment is drastically diminished.

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